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Investment Climate

Kazakhstan is one of the most prospective countries in the world for a number of metals. It ranks as a top 10 producer globally for copper, uranium, manganese, chromite, gold, zinc, coal and iron ore.

In 2018, when Kazakhstan reformed its sub-soil minerals code and adopted a new mining code based on the Western Australian model, Kazakhstan moved away from a contractual regime to a licensing regime for solid minerals, and concurrently reduced a considerable amount of the administrative burdens for sub-soil users. Link to the Subsoil and Subsoil Use Code: https://adilet.zan.kz/eng/docs/K1700000125

Today, Kazakhstan is gaining reputation as a top mining jurisdiction that understands mineral development and encourages foreign investment across this sector.

Major global mining companies, including Glencore, Cameco, PolyMetal and ArcelorMittal, Iluka Resources, Central Asia Metals Plc, Areva Sa. are currently operating mines in the country. Other companies such as Rio Tinto and Fortescue are actively advancing exploration and development opportunities. Kazakhstan has a long mining history with established infrastructure throughout the country, including major highways, railways, power generation, and a highly skilled workforce. Today, Kazakhstan is open for business. We are excited to be operating in a country that is emerging as the next go-to opportunity for mineral development globally.

Geographic, investment, infrastructure and transportation advantages of the country:

  • A member of the WTO
  • A gateway to the neighboring markets with over 500 million consumers
  • Strategic geographical location nearby the rapidly growing markets, such as China and India.
  • An extremely attractive mining destination with a long-time history and in-country top-notch expertise in exploration and mining of minerals and metals
  • The favorable investment climate with a simplified tax regime, constantly improving legislation, comprehensive package of investment preferences.
  • Kazakhstan has been ranked among the top states in terms of the attracted foreign investments.
  • Multilevel system of foreign investors protection has been enforced through the President’s Foreign Investors Council.
  • The investors protection guarantees are provided in the Law ‘On Investments’. In accordance with the Law, a company investing in priority sectors is offered tax preferences and benefits.
  • Top-class industrial infrastructure.
  • Western Europe — Western China Transcontinental Auto Expressway allows products to be shipped between China and Europe in just 10 days.
  • Sea Ports Aktau and Kuryk with a combined capacity of 20 million tonnes. Developed Sea Port infrastructure in other countries include Batumi (Georgia) and logistics terminal in the Pacific port of Lianyungang (China).
  • Kazakhstan has 24 Airports. The capital Astana operates 126 international and 289 domestic flights to the international financial centres, such as Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Seoul. Direct flights to over 55 international destinations depart from Almaty International Airport weekly.
  • Kazakhstan accounts for 70% of transit traffic passing between China and Europe as well as in other directions. Kazakhstan’s land transportation system enables transits from the south-eastern provinces of China to Europe in a maximum of 15 days (3 times faster than sea transits).

Visa-free regime for the citizens of more than 65 countries including all OECD members.

10A Daryn Microdistrict , Almaty, Kazakhstan
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